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Warbird Rides

Warbird Rides 


photo above copyright Thomas P. McManus


This is the ultimate gift for an anniversary. Very unique.

For the person that has everything and you’re knocking yourself out trying to figure out a Birthday Surprise!


This year, we will once again be offering WARBIRD RIDES with our 1941 North American AT-6.  This is a heart pounding ride with a 600 hp engine for 30 or 45 minutes. The North American AT-6 was the plane that World War II pilots were “graduated” to after their original training in a Primary Trainer like the Waco UPF-7 or the Boeing PT-17 Stearman which we use to fly our open cockpit scenic flights. Generally the Army Aircorp Cadet received 40 hours of training in a primary trainer after being expected to solo in 4 hours!  Then the new pilot was “graduated” to the Advanced Trainer T-6 or possibly an intermediary plane called a BT-13 along the way. Eventually they all reached Advanced Training in the T-6 for 100 hours of training. During this period, they learned everything from bombing runs, strafing, carrier landings and dogfight techniques. Once finished, they were assigned to their final planes in combat units with either fighter groups or bomber groups for specific model training.

Our T6 rides are flown by Lee Oman  who has extensive experience. Lee Oman has flown in the Reno Air Races T6 category for over 35 years without missing a race. We have several books in our Bremerton office headquarters with Lee flying in the competition including one race in which he won the silver trophy.

Warbird rides are very expensive because of the high fuel consumption rates for the 600 horse power engine. This plane burns approximately 35 gallons an hour which is three times the rate that our open cockpit or Cabin biplanes consume. We price the rides to cover the fuel, pilot, insurance, hangar and annual. Pricing is aimed at a “breakeven” point and is really not marked up.

Rides are offered on a 30 minute format or a 45 minute format.   The 30 minute flight is a more relaxed flight with a couple of simple aileron or barrel rolls or not, depending if the passenger so desires this. Or we can just cruise at 170 mph over the entire length of the Hood Canal.

The 45 minute flight is designed for the person whom wants the “highest energy” configuration. It offers the barrel rolls but also does a “loop” and a “hammerhead” aerobatic maneuver.

Warbird rides are done on an appointment basis out of our Bremerton location on Wednesdays only. Please text us that you are interested in this flight and we’ll contact you and arrange a date and time that works for you and our pilot.

Warbird Flight 30 Minute Configuration: 495.00   

Warbird Flight 45 minute Configuration: 695.00  

Yes, we do offer and process Gift Certificates for this type of flight as well.