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Stearman Flight Instruction

Stearman flight instruction has “gone wanting” in the Pacific Northwest. Interested pilots have had to travel to Florida, Texas or California. Now it is available at Bremerton National Airport.


 Instructor Joe Suligoy (B737)

This year, we have acquired a PT-17 for just this purpose. We also have added to the Stearman Training Syllabus, a 1947 J-3 Cub with an electrical system and 95 horse engine.  This allows a Stearman candidate to get introduced to flying from the back seat and developing the peripheral “gaze” or “visual picture” necessary to properly fly and land the Stearman without incorrectly looking at the runway down the side of the plane. This cuts down the expense to the student as use of the J-3 until ready to transition to the Stearman itself is literally half the expense.

Joe Suligoy is a 737 pilot whom has taught Stearman instruction extensively in the Midwest under the auspices of a well known original Stearman school instructor named Gene Littlefield. (Some recent new Cessna 172 pilots might recognize Joe’s last name as his wife Mary is a private pilot instructor at our neighbor at Bremerton Airport; Avian FBO.)

All Stearman instruction costs are paid directly to the instructor and is NOT shared with Olde Thyme Aviation. If interested in Stearman instruction, contact Joe Suligoy at or call him at 815-557-3429.

Any person whom is a current pilot and  thinks that they might like to learn how to fly a Stearman but has never been in one and just wants to sample and see if it piques their interest, should schedule a 45′ Scenic Flight with Ken in his yellow PT-17 for $325.00 out of Bremerton on weekdays. He’ll put you in the back “PIC” cockpit and allow you to fly the plane other than takeoff and landing and give you some demonstration as to your capacity and what this plane has to offer.  Send a text to Ken at 206-730-1412.

Stearman Instruction: $ 495.00/hour (fuel included)

Pre-Stearman Instruction in J-3 Cub: $ 175.00 (fuel included)

A pilot wishing Stearman instruction must ALREADY BE A PROFICIENT TAILDRAGGER pilot with prior endorsement.

Past Students:

This is Chris B.  Very happy.

Chris F.


Johnathan from England 9/7/2019