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Biplanes Rides / Prices


All rides listed here are available in all three biplane configuration. Our Stearman carries one passenger, the Waco UPF-7 Open Cockpit airplane carries two passengers in front of the pilot. The Cabin Waco carries three passengers. Weight limitation in the single is 200 lbs (passenger weight), in the two passenger airplanes the weight limitation is 350 lbs in the front cockpit. In the Cabin Waco (which carries up to three passengers) the weight limitation is 550 lbs for passengers.  “All rides are priced the same regardless if you are flying in a single passenger, double passenger or triple passenger airplane. The engine time is identical and the fuel consumption is the same.

We are now  operating only at Bremerton Airport. We have special emphasis on Wednesdays at Bremerton for our Warbird T-6 rides and our aerobatic flights in both the T6 and Stearmans. Regular scenic biplane flights are available 7 days a week by appointment when we are not away at an event ourselves. We love to fly! 

Bremerton Airport Flights 

1.) Bremerton Shipyard Flight: 20 minute flight from the airport to the shipyards and back. We fly the full length of the shipyards: 225.00


Looking down on the mothball fleet in the Bremerton Ship Yard and over Vashon island


2.) Winslow/Seattle Skyline Flight: 30 minute flight past the shipyards, then between Blake and Bainbridge Island up to Winslow Ferry Dock on the west side of Puget Sound across from downtown and then back across lower Kitsap Peninsula north of Bremerton and in over Gorst: 275.00


3.) Kitsap Peninsula: 45 minute flight continues north past Winslow towards Kingston then turns across the northen Kitsap Peninsula to the Hood Canal Bridge. Returns across Liberty Bay near Poulsbo, over Dye Inlet near Silverdale, then straight in across Gorst back to the airport: 375.00

4.) Kitsap Peninsula with Hood Canal Extension: 60 minute flight builds off of ride #3 and continues west of the Hood Canal Bridge across the Peninsula towards the Olympic Mountains and turns south over Dabob Bay past Quilcene and flies south on the Hood Canal to Seabeck and then turns east around the north side of Green Mountain to Gorst and back to the Bremerton Airport: 475.00 

5.) Big Tamale I: 1 1/2 hours takes off and flies south down the Hood Canal “fish hook” around the southern edge of Mason County to Alderbrook, then up the entire Hood Canal Past Hoodsport, Hama Hama, DoseWalips, Quilcene and Dabob Bay, crosses the North End of the Kitsap Peninsula north of Hood Canal Bridge, around “Point No Point” and south past Kingston, Winslow and turns inbound along the mothballed ships and active Bremerton Shipyard. A full wing of fuel; a lot of flying.  $ 749.00  

Please note that if you are seeking an aerobatic ride, high energy ride or T-6 Warbird Ride, please click an additional menu button on the home page. Although several of the aerobatic rides are in open cockpit biplanes, they are listed separately on their own menu button. Thanks. 


* Please note on all Rides the following applies:

  • Flights may be flown in reverse direction at pilot’s discretion if airport “flow” is reversed
  • “All rides are based on two-person occupancy in the open cockpit biplanes. Total weight limitation of 350 pounds of passenger weight per flight.
  • Rides in the Stearman Biplane, which is a Single Passenger Biplane, are the same  price as a flight for two in the two passenger airplanes. (Same engine time and  fuel are used.)
    • Rides in the Cabin Waco are the same price for up to three passengers as long as 550 pounds of passenger weight is not surpassed. There is no additional charge  for the third passenger! Minimum flight length of 45 minutes.
    • Rides in Stearman have a minimum flight time of 45 minutes.
    • Approximate flight and taxi times are our best estimation. Actual times can vary  depending upon which plane is flying (some are faster – some are slower) and prevailing head or tail winds. Also, the amount of time for taxi and run-up is variable depending upon how busy the airport is on a given day. We do our  best!
    • Please be aware that airport conditions are constantly changing. Although we try to keep as tight a schedule as possible, delays caused by refueling, takeoff and landing delays due to jet turbulence, etc are beyond our control. Although we’ll make every effort to be on time, it is not uncommon that by the mid-afternoon, we may be running as much as 30-45 minutes late due to these circumstances beyond our control.

All Bremerton Flights have an additional 9.2% sales tax.