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Aerobatic Rides

Aerobatic Flights



Aerobatic Flights are flown on Wednesdays by appointment at Bremerton National Airport in Kitsap County off of highway 3. Easy to find and you can enjoy a relaxing ferry ride over from Seattle as well. There’s a nice diner at the airport for a snack AFTER your aerobatic flight (please-not before). They’re very exciting and can be flown in two different plane configurations and of two different lengths.

  The Aerobatic Flights are flown over the Hood Canal or Dye Inlet in 30 minute and 45 minute configurations. The shorter flight is a lower energy introduction to Aerobatics with several aileron rolls in the T6 only. It’s a great thrill for someone whom wants to sample Aerobatics without “pushing it.” The 45 minute flight performs aileron rolls, a hammerhead and a loop.


*First Configuration: High Energy 450 horsepower Stearman

  • 45 minute flight: 549.00 plus tax

 *Second Configuration: Highest Energy 1941 World War II North American T-6 “Warbird” 600 Horsepower (This is the ultimate!)

  • 30 minute flight: 595.00 plus tax
  • 45 minute flight:  795.00 plus tax


*Ride time may vary by 5 minutes due to  traffic and winds

*Aerobatic flights are flown on one weekend day and 3 weekdays  by appointment. We do not “stage” the plane for walk up business as our aerobatic pilot for these flights has to fly in from Sequim on days that he knows he’ll be flying. 


Please—- DO NOT EAT A MEAL BEFORE THIS FLIGHT. COME WITH AN EMPTY STOMACH. Our pilot is very smooth and knows how to fly these rides correctly such that “down” is always towards the bottom of the plane, but different people have different thresholds when flying these rides.