1976 Bellanca 7GCAA  “Citabria

 1976 Bellanca 7GCAA  “Citabria”





This is the second Citabria we bought for our tailwheel training program last March (2018).  We bought this plane because of the very low time on plane (only 942 when purchased) and on the 0-320 B2B engine (260  hours when purchased) and the potential we could see for it if we invested a few more dollars. We wanted a metal wing to complement the properly inspected wood wing spar on our 7ECA plane shown above. We paid 49,000 for the plane originally and then took it to the American Champion Factory for a “re-do.” We had them remove the Milman metal wing which did not have the extra 100 pound STC to raise the gross weight that we needed. By having the factory put on a brand new wing, struts and gas tanks, we were able to raise the useful load from 420 to 540 lbs. We also had the factory build new horizontal stabilizers through final fabric and paint plus put on brand new factory built wheel pants. Then I hired the factory to go through every inch of the plane to their standards. They completely rebuilt the foot pedal/brake system which had been done incorrectly and addressed any other issue on the plane to their factory standards and also did a new annual on the plane. All together, we spent 37,000 at the factory before bringing the plane out to Seattle bringing our total investment to 86,000. My wife has taken her private pilot check ride in this plane just recently. It flies incredibly. We hate to give it up but our tailwheel instructor CFI has been hired away from us and serves us better to put it into the right hands. The low time highly desirable 0-320 B2B engine literally leaps off the ground with 160 hp!  (This engine alone costs nearly $ 25,000 when you can find one.)The plane also sports installed aileron “spades” for quick turning aerobatics. We realize we cannot get what we have into this plane as we put too much money into it. We’ve been able to take business use depreciation on it for one year which brings our basis down to about 79,000.  We’ll offer it at 75,000 at this time.  TTAF: 1,022  SMOH: 340 

Asking Price $ 75,000 “in annual”  

Please call to discuss this plane only if you are a qualified buyer. We are too busy flying rides to take too much time to talk, although we’ll spend hours with the proper buyer who really wants to take care of this collectible. A text is best.
Cell – (206)-730-1412 Ask for Ken.