Waco UPF-7 NC39727



Waco UPF-7 for Sale NC39727







1942 Waco UPF-7

Everyone whom has followed the history of UPF-7s in the last 30 years is aware of the contribution made by a dearly beloved individual named Tom Flock. Tom Flock with his then protégé Jerry Brown, restored 3 UPF-7s in this distinctive color scheme. Prior to RARE specializing in this model airplane (in 1997), these restorations were respected and coveted. We always wanted one in our collection to reflect Tom’s workmanship and John Shue (whom built the wings) and their devotion to this plane’s model in history. One left the country and went overseas (rumor has it that it’s coming back after many years of wear); and one was unfortunately destroyed in an accident in Colorado. This plane was restored starting in 1994 and won the best Vintage Airplane at Oshkosh in 1998 (one year after the UPF-7 we bought from Rare Aircraft won the 1997 award).  We acquired it from Jerry Brown in 2015 with only 400 hours on it since restoration.

When we took over ownership, we had the wings completed recovered and painted by RARE plus had them build and install brand new fuel tanks (2016). We replaced the 220 hp Continental -6N model with a constant speed Continental W-670-23 ( the same model we have placed on our restored Cabin Wacos). Then we used a nice fresh overhauled Hamilton Standard 2B20-9 (long blade) which we prefer on our planes. We updated the plane for 2020 ADS-B “out” compliance; added a new com, etc.  The plane is set up with a single passenger full grained leather bucket seat for co-pilot/pilot (not a bench seat) so the plane is set up for personal ownership and enjoyment; not a ride operation. Beautiful wood grain panels.  All told, we have hard dollars of $ 325,000 in this bird. There’s no way we can price it or sell it at what we actually have in this airplane. Why? Because the current state of the art UPF-7 from RARE which we offer testimonial to as being the finest new restoration today, can be had for about $359,000-$ 375,000 or so………..  I’d be the first one to suggest that if you’re going to look at a plane for $ 325,000—you should just go to RARE and put in your order! They’re that nice.  (We have one.)  So I’ve priced this plane 100,000 below what a new RARE UPF-7 would cost. My loss—your gain.  Will only be sold to a competent UPF-7 pilot or one that can show proficiency with a PT-17 or Staggerwing!  Call for an appointment. Ken

$ 259,000