Biplanes Rides / Prices


All rides listed here are available in all three biplane configuration. Our Stearman carries one passenger, the Waco YKS airplane carries two passengers in front of the pilot. The Cabin Waco carries three passengers. Weight limitation in the single is 200 lbs (passenger weight), in the two passenger airplanes the weight limitation is 350 lbs in the front cockpit. In the Cabin Waco (which carries up to three passengers) the weight limitation is 500 lbs for passengers.  “All rides are priced the same regardless if you are flying in a single passenger, double passenger or triple passenger airplane. The engine time is identical and the fuel consumption is the same.

City Flights

  1. SPACE NEEDLE/ELLIOTT BAY- “Taste the Thrill”
  2. Fauntleroy Ferry Dock, Alki Point, Duwamish Head
  4. Extended Downtown Scenic Flight – Lk Washington Shore

Cross Country Flights

  1. Islands & Downtown Scenic Tour – Hood Canal Bridge
  2. Snoqualmie Falls For Honeymooners and Romantics!
  3. Hood Canal – Kitsap Peninsula Scenic Flight
  4. THE BIG TAMALE – You Get It All!

* Please note on all Rides the following applies:

  • Flights may be flown in reverse direction at pilot’s discretion if airport “flow” is reversed
  • “All rides are based on two-person occupancy in the open cockpit biplanes. Total weight limitation of 350 pounds of passenger weight per flight.
  • Rides in the Stearman Biplane, which is a Single Passenger Biplane, are the same  price as a flight for two in the two passenger airplanes. (Same engine time and  fuel are used.)
    • Rides in the Cabin Waco are the same price for up to three passengers as long as 500 pounds of passenger weight is not surpassed. There is no additional charge  for the third passenger!
    • Approximate flight and taxi times are our best estimation. Actual times can vary  depending upon which plane is flying (some are faster – some are slower) and prevailing head or tail winds. Also, the amount of time for taxi and run-up is variable depending upon how busy Boeing Field is on a given day. We do our  best!
    • Please be aware that airport conditions are constantly changing. Although we try to keep as tight a schedule as possible, delays caused by refueling, takeoff and landing delays due to jet turbulence, etc are beyond our control. Although we’ll make every effort to be on time, it is not uncommon that by the mid-afternoon, we may be running as much as 30-45 minutes late due to these circumstances beyond our control.
    • 8.5% of the price of all rides are donated to the Museum of Flight for their Annual  Restoration Fund.

    Descriptions of Biplane rides:

    City Flights

    1. SPACE NEEDLE – ELLIOTT BAY  “Taste the Thrill!”

    This flight is approximately 60% of our most economical ride (#3) described below. It is the most affordable “introduction” to open cockpit biplane flying that can be had in this region and accommodates the most people in the shortest possible period.  We fly along the waterfront or along Alki (depending upon which runway we are departing from) out into Elliott Bay until we are just past the Space Needle and then return. Each person will have the same opportunity to view the skyline of Seattle on the way out or on the way in. Flying time is approximately 10-15 minutes and total time in the airplane with taxi and run up is approximately 20 minutes. This ride is ONLY AVAILABLE in the Waco UPF-7 Open Cockpit configuration. Price: for two $135.00*

    Seattle Space Needle

    Downtown Seattle and the Space Needle


    1. Fauntleroy Ferry Dock, Alki Point, Duwamish Head

    We fly a circular route from the airport to the West Seattle Ferry Dock at Fauntleroy, follow the shoreline to the north and come around the tip of Alki and fly east along the beach at 1500 feet until we turn inbound at the Duwamish Head. If the wind is out of the north, we fly the same route in reverse. Total time flying and taxiing approximately 20 minutes. This ride is ONLY AVAILABLE in the Waco UPF-7 Open Cockpit configuration. Price: for two $165.00*




    We fly along the entire downtown waterfront, past the Space Needle and turn between Magnolia and Queen Anne Hills to the Ballard Bridge. From here, we fly down the ship canal, over the locks, over Shilshoe Marina, around West point and back along the entire waterfront. Flying time is 20-25 minutes (roughly double the flying time of the ride described above) and total time in the airplane with taxi and run up is approximately 30 minutes. Price: $225.00* for two people

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    Extended Downtown Scenic



    1. Extended Downtown Scenic Flight With Lake Washington Shoreline

    Instead of departing straight out along the waterfront, we first ask for a “Mercer Departure” from the tower which allows us to depart to the Northeast. We fly the western shoreline of Lake Washington from I-90 to the 520 bridge whereupon we turn west and go past Husky Stadium, across Lake union and Gasworks Park and then join the regular Extended Downtown Scenic tour at the Ballard Bridge. We continue west along the Ship Canal, past the Ballard Locks to Shilshoe Marina. Then we turn south along the edge of Westpoint and fly along the entire Downtown Waterfront back to Boeing Field. Approximately flying time including taxi is 30 minutes. Price: 275.00* for two people

    Flying over the shoreline on Lake Washington



    This flight includes everything described in the Extended Downtown Scenic Flight but also adds two sojourns across Puget Sound. We fly past West Point and across the water to Bainbridge Island, south over Blake Island where you may see Tillicum Village and then across the north tip of Vashon Island. Crossing the Sound to the east, you’ll fly under Sea Tac’s “Class Bravo” airspace over West Seattle at a surprisingly low altitude. The flight over the Islands is mostly in a southerly direction, giving you ample viewing and photography opportunities of Mt Rainier and the entire Puget Sound Region. This is a premier trip on a hot summer day as the constant cool temperature over the water is very refreshing. And in the fall, when the air is crisp and the red colors start to come out, this is one of our pilot’s favorite. Flying time is 30-35 minutes with total time in the airplane including taxi and run up about 45 minutes. Price: 295.00* for two people

    Beautiful Puget Sound, a Washington State Ferry and one of the islands. .


    Cross Country Flights

    1. Islands and Downtown Scenic Flight Including Hood Canal Bridge:

    On this flight, we fly everything that is described in the Island and Downtown Scenic Flight but we also add to it an extension to the Northwest as far as we’re allowed to fly. This takes us to the Hood Canal Bridge where sometimes we’ll see a Trident Sub passing  through on its way to sea or coming back home. Can’t guarantee a sub one every flight! Approximately flying time including taxi is 45 minutes.  Price: 329.00* for two people

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    1. SNOQUALMIE FALLS-For Honeymooners and Romantics!

    A flight away from the downtown scene to the East instead. We fly over Bellevue, the beautiful Carnation Valley and circle Snoqualmie Falls. Low altitude flying north of Snoqualmie following the meanders of the Snoqualmie River make this a “throw back” to the early days of barnstorming. We return to the west passing over the Microsoft Campus, past Husky Stadium and the Ballard Locks. Then we turn south at Ballard Bridge and fly back along the waterfront past the Space Needle and new ballpark. We call this our most romantic flight.  Flying time is approximately 60 minutes with total time in the airplane including tax and run up between 55-60 minutes. Price: 395.00* for two people

    The beautiful sight of the falls from the air.

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    We fly outbound past the Seattle waterfront along the same route as the Island and Downtown Scenic tour, however, when we normally turn south over Bainbridge Island, we instead fly to the west between Bremerton (to our south) and the Trident Submarine Base (to our north). We fly completely over the Kitsap Peninsula until we reach the east shore of Hood Canal. Flying south, we follow the canal for several miles with excellent views of the Olympic National Park on our right side and the fabulous rugged drainages into the Hood Canal like Duckabush, Dosewallips and Hamma Hamma. Turning east, we completely circle the Bremerton “hills” and cross over the southern end of Bremerton National Airport. As we fly east, we fly as close as we are allowed to the Bremerton Flight Restricted Airspace to get a glimpse of many of the historic mothballed aircraft carriers and submarines being disassembled. Current national security alerts prevent us from flying any closer than three miles. We then meet up with the eastbound leg of the Islands and Downtown tour at Blake and Vashon Islands to fly across Puget Sound and West Seattle to Boeing Field. This is the “western counterpart” to the Snoqualmie Falls flight to the east. Flying time approximately 1 hour 10 minutes.  Price: 435.00* for two people




    Looking down on the mothball fleet in the Bremerton Ship Yard and over Vashon island

    9.THE BIG TAMALE-You Get It All!

    Makes sure you go to the bathroom first folks, as we cover absolutely every bit of terrain from all of our rides combined. Depending upon air traffic patterns, we start by going east to Snoqualmie Falls and end up completing the Bremerton trip to the west, or we can start the opposite way. Either way, you’ll get as much barnstorming type adventure that can possibly be offered. This is the normal maximum length of time we’d be flying between stops as cross-country biplane pilots ourselves. This ride was originally added more as a “light hearted” gesture just to show how long we could possibly offer a ride, however, we now get reservations for nearly three rides a week of this duration. If you are interested in this ride only, please call the Gift Certificate phone number (under gifts) and leave a message that you wish to make a reservation for The Big Tamale. Flying time is approximately 1 ½  to 1 ¾ hours  with total time in the airplane including taxi and run up a bit more. Price: for two people, 549.00* 



    Over Downtown Seattle                                                        Flying over Vashon Island  


    * Washington Sales Tax of 10.1% added to the price.